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Print Size

The big pictures for the exhibition in the university, in Nuremberg and in Erlangen were made on a Canon PRO-4000 printer with full Chroma-Optimiser on Canson Platine Fibre Rag paper, mounted on 4mm Alu-Dibond.


Hanging Plan

In Nuremberg, I had the chance to plan nearly the whole room with 300m² for the exhibition because the inner walls were movable. The whole concept was planned to scale using Indesign. The I created scaled cardboard model and tested the view with a cellphone camera (see video). For the exhibition in Nuremberg, I printest four additional large fine art print, twelve smaller framed prints, three collagen and some trip descriptions mounted on foam board. The cargo lettering was laser cut out of plywood, painted blue and partly covert with a special paint containing iron particle that starts to rust. The letters should mimic the look of the old blue rusty shipping containers. As an additional highlight, I placed LEDs behind the letters. 

Raum plan

Raum plan

Video abspielen
2019-04-25 17_52_59-Bilder Häng Plan.ind
2019-04-25 17_53_26-Bilder Häng Plan.ind
2019-04-25 17_55_13-_Bilder Häng Plan La
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