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Daily people share hundreds of pictures of their families, friends and themselves on Social Media. But in all these pictures they present themselves as cool, as sexy and as hip as they can. Point a camera at somebody and most will start posing and behaving differently. I enjoyed those pictures. But after some time they seemed fake to me. It felt like people started creating some kind of “digital avatar”.

So I built this box where people sit right behind it and put their hands through 2 holes at the side. I place an object in the middle of the box and then they have to guess what kind of object it is just by using their sense of touch. They are not used to this kind of situation. They are so concentrated and overwhelmed from their feelings that their emotions reflect directly on their faces. They are not able to present the person from their “digital avatar“. At this moment when they sit behind the box, they show me their real ego, their real face.

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